Club Fitting

Club Fitting

What Is Club Fitting?

At DogHouse Golf Co we offer a brand agnostic fitting experience. This means golfers have the option to test different clubs from different manufacturers for a direct comparison. In addition to the different club manufacturers we offer, we carry a wide range of aftermarket shafts as well to ensure every golfer has access to every option possible to find the right club make up to fit their game. While club fitting is usually done for new clubs, it can be done for an existing set as well. This type of club fitting is considered more of a sizing than a fitting, however it still brings immense value to golfers by tweaking their existing equipment to fit their current golf swing and game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Club Fitting

What is the difference between fitting and sizing?

Fitting usually entails new equipment; new shafts, heads, or both. Sizing is a similar process however it is specific to the players existing clubs. Very rarely can we accurately fit a player for new shafts in their existing heads or vice versa, except for drivers that have an adjustable tip. With those, we are able to mix and match new and old to find the best option.

When is the best time to get fit?

The best time to get a custom fitting is when ever you’re ready! You’ll know you’re ready when that time comes. Often golfers get fit for a multitude of reasons including; a new swing change where your current clubs do not match your new swing, if you are specifically looking for a new line or model of club, or if you are thinking of upgrading your set you’ve had for years. A fitting is best to be done before the purchase of clubs to keep your options open and find the best combo of club head and shaft to accelerate your game, however fitting can be done on your existing clubs in the form of a sizing.

Do you offer full bag fittings?

Yes we do offer full bag fittings! For a full bag fitting session, we recommend splitting your session into a couple or even a few different days. This is to avoid fatigue and to ensure we can accurately fit you for each part of your bag. Remember you can hit a lot of balls in the simulator in a short amount of time so fatigue sets in much easier than the outdoor game!

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Club Fitting Prices

  • Lie/Loft Adjustment


    The price shown is per club
  • Length Adjustment

    Cost of New Grip

    For a length adjustment, we would need to remove your old grip to cut your shaft. The price of your length adjustment will be included in the cost of your new grip.
  • Gapping Session


    A gapping session will help determine if you need adjustments to your lie or loft angles
  • Full Bag Fit


    This fitting package fits you for your whole bag over multiple sessions
  • Individual Club Fitting


    This fitting session fits you with one of the following: Driver, Irons, Hybrids, Fairway Woods, Wedges, Putter

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