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What is frequency matching?

Frequency matching is the process in which each shaft in a set of clubs is measured on a specific scale to ensure each club flex is appropriate and equivalent throughout the set.  Sometimes when clubs come from the manufacturer, the shaft will say a specific flex however the frequency of that shaft may actually be softer or stiffer than what is shown on the shaft itself.  This leads to inconsistencies in a set of clubs that can lead to inconsistent performance.

What is the difference between etching and engraving?

Etching is a surface finish, which means it does not penetrate into the item being modified, it just changes the surface finish appearance. Engraving penetrates deeper into the item being modified. This is necessary if the desired image being engraved is to be paint filled with different colours afterwards.

What is swingweight versus total weight?

Total weight is exactly that, the total and complete weight of the entire club. Swingweight is the measurement of weight bias towards the head. Swingweight is measured by a letter and number combination where the higher the number and the lower the letter in the alphabet, the more weight that is biased towards the head. For example, a swingweight of D2 has more weight bias towards the head than a C3 swing weight.

How durable is a refinish?

Durability depends on the amount of use. We use a similar method to most OEM manufacturers so you can expect it to wear similarly to stock finishes.

What is the difference between fitting and sizing?

Fitting usually entails new equipment; new shafts, heads, or both. Sizing is a similar process however it is specific to the players existing clubs. Very rarely can we accurately fit a player for new shafts in their existing heads or vice versa, except for drivers that have an adjustable tip. With those, we are able to mix and match new and old to find the best option.

How long does customization take?

Turn around times really depend on the type of customization completed. Some basic stamping can be turned around on the spot where some refinishes can take 4-6 weeks.

Will refinishing my club change the way it feels when I hit it?

There is the potential that your club may feel different after a refinish. The change in feel really depends on the finish being applied and how much material needs to be removed in order to eliminate any dings and dents and give the club a clean, like-new look.

What is the difference between a reshaft and a reglue?

The difference between a reshaft and a reglue is that a reshaft includes the removal of a shaft and subsequent replacement, whereas a reglue is simply regluing a head and shaft that are already separated.

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